It is a known problem in automated manufacturing processes: With fast movement sequences and large work envelopes, that relatively long carriers knock against the robot arm. The Pull Back Unit prevents this by keeping the cable carrier tensioned. This means there is no premature wear.

The compact design of the unit results in fewer protruding contours and a lower risk of collisions and the maximum flexibility for the guiding of the cable carrier is still ensured.

The PBU has proven successful in a variety of different applications. It can be used on robots regardless of size, manufacturer and type and is suitable for retrofitting and modernizing existing production cells.

Standard fasteners for robots from KUKA, ABB and FANUC are available. The PBU can be installed vertically, horizontally or overhead; the extension length is 350 mm, available for Robotrax types R040, R056, R075, R085 and R100 and requires no maintenance.

According to Tsubaki Kabelschlepp, digitalization changes the way we live and work – from digital whiteboards in schools to networked product environments. However, for machines to communicate with each other and robots to take over tasks, they always need a lifeline for power supply and the exchange of data and signals. This is where its cable carriers come into play: They protect and guide the indispensable cables – cable clutter and communication problems cannot occur in the first place.