Tractel Group of Europe has launched a 3,000kg SWL traction hoist, the Tirak X 3000, with unlimited wire rope travel.

  Previously, traction hoists had merely “flirted” with capacities of more than 1t, the company said.

The new hoist features constant speed and capacity, automatic alignment with the load (no fleet angle) and good mobility, the manufacturer claims.

A choice of motors is offered for different speeds and coiling devices, taking up to 600m of 14mm-diameter wire rope. The Tirak X 3000 has built-in overload protection and an optional Blocstop overspeed brake.

Typical applications are more likely to be construction sites, elevator erection or high mast erection rather than materials handling in a factory environment.

More than 200 units have been sold since being brought to market in September 1998, Tractel said.

Hoists and crane-related equipment make up about 40% of Tractel Group’s global sales, with the other 60% coming from sales of suspended access equipment.