Yale, Abell Howe, Budgit, Chester Hoist, Coffing, Shaw-Box, Gaffey and LodeRail are all leading brands in the industry, and they are all part of $500m-turnover Columbus McKinnon Corporation. At the head of this group is Tim Tevens.

Having started his career in management consultancy with Ernst & Young LLP, Tevens joined CM in 1991 as vice president for information services to introduce new IT systems for the company. He became chief operating officer in 1996, in charge of all day-to-day worldwide operations of CM’s manufacturing facilities and distribution network. He was also directly responsible for planning and implementing the numerous acquisitions that were made, including Yale. In 1998, still aged just 41, he succeeded Herb Ladds as president and CEO.

With the downturn in the market and acquisitions to integrate, Tevens has faced many difficult decisions. Through it all, he has kept CM as an industry leader that is respected worldwide.

Tevens is also currently president of the USA’s Industrial Supply Association.