The SC&RA Longevity Awards recognizes member companies for their enduring dedication to advancing the association's mission.

TII SCHEUERLE's receipt of the 45 Years Award highlights its commitment to driving progress in the specialized transportation and heavy haulage industry.

With over 1,400 members from 46 nations spanning 75 years, SC&RA serves as a global platform represent- ing diverse sectors, including specialized transportation, crane and rigging operations, and machinery mov- ing and erecting.

Participation in SC&RA's annual conference and workshops offers invaluable opportunities for TII SCHEU- ERLE to connect with industry peers, gain insights from educational sessions, and stay abreast of crucial developments in the crane and rigging sector.

"We are deeply honored to receive the Longevity Award from SC&RA, an organization that provides invalu-able networking opportunities within our industry," remarked Filippo Baldassari, MD, TII SCHEUERLE.

"TII SCHEUERLE has long been an active member of SC&RA, contributing to and benefiting from the association's initiatives."