Tele Radio, part of Sweden’s Allgon Group, will welcome visitors looking to discover the world's latest port technology, and connect and network with over 4,000 port industry leaders and experts. At the centre of a 15 square-metre booth (Stand I74) will be its TEQ Line of waist belt transmitters.

The Tele Radio TEQ series of waist belt transmitters is available in two versions — Basic or Custom — and is already popular with operatives in the mobile vehicle sector, including recovery vehicles; concrete pumping trucks; drilling machines, excavators, and earthmovers; harvesting machines; and truck cranes. The Basic Line is equipped with standard components and specifications to serve a large portion of the market, at an attractive price. The Custom Line can be extensively customised, in terms of hardware and software, to fully meet special customer requirements.

Waist belt transmitters are versatile tools suitable for any industry where hands-free operation and mobility are essential for productivity and safety. The Tele Radio TEQ Line is specially developed for the demanding mobile and industrial hydraulics sector. They are suited for the most complex control solutions. The Tele Radio waist belt transmitters are widely used on crane applications and construction machinery.

“In the port and cargo supply chain industry, cranes, lifting, and hoisting is an important sector. We expect a lot of interest from potential customers looking for customised wireless solutions for tower cranes, mobile cranes, EOT [electric overhead travelling] cranes, and various other crane applications,” said KeesJan van der Elst, MD, Tele Radio Benelux.

“Moreover, our offering does not only extend to cranes and winches, but our remote controls are also designed to be suited for a wide range of industrial applications demanding high safety requirements.''

Tele Radio’s radio remote controls are used in many industries, especially where ergonomics, reliability, and safety are critical factors. The products contribute to a more comfortable and safer workplace. Many products are independently certified with a SIL3, PLd and PLe safety level on the stop function. Robust and reliable systems boast advanced software for easy installation, a high degree of flexibility and adjustable operating parameters.

“Business in port and cargo supply chain applications is thriving. At Tele Radio, we're experiencing an increasing demand for our wireless solutions tailored specifically to this industry. Our innovative waist belt transmitters and handheld remote controls are highly suited for controlling port and cargo operations, offering efficiency, safety, and reliability,” added Van der Elst.