Cummins Power Generation has opened a factory that is designed to be adapted and expanded as future production needs dictate. The materials handling equipment, including gantries, was built and installed by Street Crane Company.

CPG currently makes both gas and diesel fired power sets for either primary or standby applications in the 20kVA to 4500kVA range. This is made possible by having an adaptable workspace within a 14m by 14m steelwork grid with domed roof modules, through which cranes can be routed in either north/south or east/west directions. All gantries can be taken down in the future and reconfigured to allow travel in the other axis.

The $28m development uses seven cranes with a total value approaching $1m including gantries.

Sub-systems are moved around the factory by flowline and pallet truck but as the assemblies are built, overhead cranes are used for heavier and bulkier loads. The main bays include two 35t SWL overhead cranes that are operated singly or in tandem and have a span of 14.4m. The cranes are of box girder design to give strength and to fit within the available height envelope.