Located on the north east coast of England, the Port of Blyth is used as a strategic hub by many shippers looking to serve northern England and Scotland.

Increasingly it also used as a base for oil and gas operations, so traditional port warehouses are now being converted into more modern facilities to accommodate the growing number of fabrication projects.

A 15t Goliath crane was specified and is being used for offshore engineering services such as equipment repairs, maintenance and preparation of new equipment such as subsea ploughs.

The gantry crane installed at the Port of Blyth has a span of 19m and a hook height of 9.5m. It has been designed to operate completely independently of the surrounding building on submerged floor rails.

Port director Alan Todd said: “I saw these cranes being used in another warehouse in Sheffield and decided that our refurbished facilities would benefit from the same system.”

Chris Lindley-Smith, sales director at Street Crane, added: “The crane has been designed to the port’s exact specification and ensures that it fits into the building’s frame and maximises hook coverage while maintaining optimum lifting height.”