First, AL-Vac UK Ltd., has introduced the latest version of its 160kg mini truck and van crane.

Units are typically installed at the rear of a truck located within a square socket, which can be positioned anywhere on a truck body.

Similarly, the unit may be located inside the rear doors of a suitably-sized van, with different versions available for a range of vehicles.

The model may be specified with a safety hook for conventional lifting tasks or fitted with the so-called AL-Vac Handyman vacuum lifter, available with a number of special attachments for handling kerb stones, slabs, drums, barrels and other non-standard loads.

Meanwhile, Nissan’s commercial vehicle customers in the UK can now specify and purchase vehicle-mounted cranes from Penny Hydraulics.

Any combination of Nissan light commercial vehicle and Penny Hydraulics product is available to provide customers with “complete flexibility to choose a solution matched to their needs from a single source,” Penny boasts.

Nissan commercial vehicles UK sales and marketing manager Mark Lovett added: “The combination of Nissan commercial vehicles and Penny Hydraulics load handling equipment provides our customers with a highly effective solution based on market leading products.”

Penny Hydraulics designs and manufactures a wide range of vehicle-mounted handling equipment including swing lift cranes for loads up to 2,000kg and rear and side mounted platform lifts for loads up to 550kg.

What products do you use to lift similar loads?

Richard Howes, Editor