Guests can learn more about lifting and rigging equipment designed for offshore wind manufacturing, transportation, installation, and maintenance, including the Verton Windmaster in a 1.5 hour webinar entitled; ‘Offshore wind farms, elevating safety & efficiency’ on May 20 9am (CET) (3:00 PM SGT). 

Here, Hoist speaks to Richard Berg, business development manager, The Crosby Group, to find out more about the event and its partners. 



According to GWEC (Global Associations Platform Hub) Global Offshore Wind Report 2020, offshore wind is being seen as a major contributor to post-COVID economic recovery by governments around the world. The sector suffered less impact by the pandemic compared to other energy sectors, and it predicts approximately 900,000 jobs will be created in the industry over the next decade, demonstrating its viability to be a key driver for a global green recovery.

GWEC Market Intelligence forecasts that through 2030, more than 205 GW of new offshore wind capacity will be added globally, including at least 6.2 GW of floating offshore wind. Floating offshore wind will reach full commercialisation by 2030 with at least 6 GW installed globally.  

Turbine technology is also set to improve in both efficiency and resilience, resulting in LCOE reductions and increased adoption. Other innovations such as Power-to-X will also play a key role in opening new market opportunities for offshore wind and decarbonising our energy systems. 

The agenda for The Crosby Groups’ webinar will be; 

Wim Fabricius, Managing Director, EMEA, The Crosby Group 

Crosby Easy-Loc for faster installations offshore
Frédéric Crynen, Regional Sales Manager, The Crosby Group 

Safer and more efficient lifting with GrabiQ
Richard Berg, Business Development Manager, The Crosby Group

Crosby Straightpoint load monitoring for offshore applications
David Mullard, Business Development Manager, Crosby Straightpoint 

Crosby Feubo solutions for floating offshore wind
Oliver Feuerstein
, Global Director, Mooring, Crosby Feubo 

Verton – Reinventing lifting operations
Trevor Bourne
, Managing Director, & Patrick Taylor, Projects & Engineering Manager, Verton 

Q&A session 

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