The Government is looking for potential sources for this requirement, but there is no solicitation offered at this time. The Government will not pay for any information received in response to this request, nor will the Government compensate any respondent for any costs incurred in developing the information provided to the Government.

This task shall be done by the Navy at the O-level of maintenance on the hangar deck (all ships), the flight line (smaller boats) and the shore-based environment. This requirement is currently being satisfied by several other items of support equipment (SE) for all previous versions of the H-60. Examples of these include both the overhead hoists installed on various ships and the hangar deck crane on the aircraft carriers. Since these new helicopters will be deployed in new environments in which the currently used SE will no longer be available and/or adequate to perform this function, this new item is required.

The following is a lists all of the components and assoicated information, which the fleet will be required to safely remove on both the MH-60R & MH-60S: M.G.B. Input Module (w/out Pump & Gen.), weight 115, sling 70700-77403-041; M.G.B Input Module (w/pump & Gen.), weight 140, sling 70700-77403-041; M.G.B. Main Module, weight 870, sling 70700-77404-041, Hoist Required 2000; Hub Assy. Main Rotor Head, weight 756, sling 70700-77403-041, Hoist Required 2000; Swash Plate Assembly, weight 180, sling 70700-77403-041, Hoist Required 250; Bifilar Assembly, weight 200, sling 70700-77403-041, Hoist Required 250; Engine Assembly (near side), weight 480, sling 70700-77408-046, Hoist Required 2000; , weight 150, 70700-77403-041, adapter 70700-77201-041; Main Rotor Blade, weight 210, sling 70700-20324-047; Engine Assembly (far side), weight 480, sling 70700-77408-046; Oil Cooler, weight 88, sling N/A.

Deadline: 20 May 2006


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