The requirement is to perform a pre-load test inspection, perform a periodic (annual) inspection of the crane, tandem load testing of (2) 100t hoists at 125% (water bags shall be used to make up the test weights), and perform a post test inspection.

The vendor shall ensure that all test results are certified and a certificate issued to the Government for its records. A comprehensive condition inspection report shall be issued within 14 days of the inspection. All work is performed on week days, Monday through to Thursday. All work including final clean-up is complete within four days of commencement. The Government will ensure that the floor below the crane at the truck bay is cleared prior to the vendors arrival.

The vendor shall propose a start date, but in no way shall that date be more than 30 days from date of issue of the purchase order. Vendors shall submit a firm-fixed priced quote that includes all costs for labour, material, equipment, travel, and all indirect cost necessary to successfully complete the above work.

In addition to the price quote, the vendor shall also submit evidence of their qualifications and certifications indicating the capability to successfully perform this work.

An SF-18 will be issued with the combined synopsis/RFQ to facilitate electronic submission of quotes. This action is a total small business set-aside. However, large businesses are encouraged to respond in the event that no responsive small businesses submit reasonably priced quotes. First priority for award will be to small businesses.

Vendors are reminded that they must be on registered in the Central Contractor Registration to be considered for award. Vendors can register at

Solicitation number: 06SQ303248.

Contact: Beverly Nelson, contracting officer, tel: +1 702 293 8524, email: