The Aircraft Engine-Hoisting unit shall be capable of raising a 700lb load at an outreach of 16ft in front of the unit and a 4,500lb load at an outreach of 12ft in front of the unit to a height of 25ft on uneven terrain while on its tyres without the aid of outriggers.

The unit must be able to operate in all weather conditions and in ambient temperatures ranging from -20 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The size and weight restrictions are dictated by the need to transport this equipment to forward deployed forces via C-130 aircraft.

The unit shall be capable of operating on multi-fuel types, including JP-5, JP-8 and diesel fuel. The unit shall be capable of interfacing with the MK-91 Hook Adapter.

A prototype unit must be available for first article test (FAT) within 60 days after receipt of order (ARO), complete with O&M Manuals, with deliveries to commence 90 days after FAT.

Delivery schedule should be at the rate of two per month. A five-year/5,000 hour warranty is required, with 24-hour worldwide response.    

The solicitation will be posted on the web, on or about June 20 2006. The Government will not accept electronic offers.

Reference: N68335-06-R-0019.

Deadline: June 8 2006.

Contact: Keith Davis, contract specialist, tel: +1 732 323 2243, fax: +1 732 323 4069, email: