Key elements to the crane are:

Lifting capacity: 5,000.00lbs at 32.17ft

Hydraulic outreach: 32.17ft

Manual outreach: 39.58ft

Maximum extension: 39.58ft

Lifting height above installation level: 46.92ft

Slewing angle: 400 degrees

Slewing speed: 12 to 15 degrees per sec

Height in folded position: 7.23ft

Width in folded position: 8.10ft

Installation space needed: 3.84ft

Planetary hoist: 7,250lbs

Deadline: October 9 2006.

Contact: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 401 to 1230 Government Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2Z4, tel: +1 250 363 3309, fax: +1 250 363 3960.