With a total lifting capacity of over 1,000 tonnes, Hüffermann Group said the JS-250 Jack-Up allowed it to position itself more broadly in the field of heavy lifting solutions – especially bridge construction.

The company added that the solution would also enable it to offer a wider range of heavy lift solutions in the sectors and areas of infrastructure, wind energy, ports and shipyards, as well as industry and mining. The heaviest bridge girders, shipyard cranes, harbour crane systems and cable dredgers can, for example, be lifted with the system, and ship hull blocks can be assembled.

“Our approach is to always be able to offer our customers a full range of services,” said Daniel Janssen, managing director at Hüffermann Group, who added: “The JS-250 Jack-Up System will be available at all our locations nationwide.”

Rocco Schimmel, operations manager at Eisele, a company within the Hüffermann Group portfolio, said: “The JS-250 system allows us to optimally complement our heavy-duty assembly and engineering division. The insertion, relocation or placement of components up to 1,400 tonnes perfectly meets our customers' requirements.”

The Enerpac JS-Series Jack-Up System is manufactured at Enerpac’s Hengelo facility in the Netherlands. Jeremy Stubbs, commercial director, Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology, said: “We are delighted that Hüffermann Group has chosen to invest in a JS-Series Jack-Up system as the company prepares to undertake more infrastructure projects.

“The JS-250 is well proven in some of the most demanding heavy lift projects where lifting capacity combined with ease of transportation and small footprint make it the ideal lifting solution for many bridge projects.”