Like-minded firms, largely from the United States, line up against the dominant force in the material handling market – lift trucks – at NA08, Cleveland, the largest material handling show in the Americas this year, later this month (April). And for exhibitors at CeMAT in May, which is held every three years, the mission statement reads the same.

On a show floor packed with storage and automation equipment and lift trucks (there will be more than ever this year) it is so important that overhead lifting equipment is given the exposure it deserves.

Hoist is passionate about promoting overhead lifting above all other forms of material handling. There are clear advantages of, say, gantry and jib cranes over widely used lift trucks, but the challenge is positioning the products in a way that convinces the end user market that is the case.

In a recent poll of visitors to this website, the majority (61%) said the main reason they choose overhead lifting equipment over fork lift trucks is to clear floor space. Some 22% said trucks are cumbersome, noisy and dirty.

The former reason is a real selling point and it is just one of the messages we will be trying to get through to the sales channels during CeMAT. And we’ll be well practiced fresh from the NA show floor.

Only when we unite forces against the lift truck business will we gain a priceless portion of the massive slice of the market they currently enjoy.

Find here a comprehensive guide to the show and its key overhead lifting exhibitors.