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Application language: Latvian.

Main parameters of the crane:

There are three hoists on the crane: 1. Lifting capacity of the first hoist is 250 t, lifting height – 25 m, lifting speed – 1,27 m/min; 2. Lifting capacity of the second hoist is 32 t, lifting height – 25 m, lifting speed – 5,93 m/min; 3. Lifting capacity of the third hoist is 5 t (2 pcs), lifting height – 30 m, lifting capacity – 8 m/min.

Crane travelling speed along the rail track – 19,1 m/min. Trolley travelling speed along the bridge crane span – 6,74 m/min. Crane travelling distance – 125 m. Full weight of the crane – 207 t.

The following main works shall be performed during overhaul of the crane:

Preparation of the crane overhaul technical design

1. Replacement of all electrical and monitoring and control equipment of the crane; 1.1. Replacement of two hoists (lifting capacity 5 t) with one hoist with the lifting capacity 10 t, lifting height 40 m, lifting speed 8 m/min; 1.2. Replacement of all brakes and motors of the crane hoists and travelling devices; 1.3. Frequency control scheme of the crane hoists shall be provided; 1.4. Local and remote control (by a control unit) of the crane hoists shall be provided; 1.5. New electrical supply trolleys of the crane shall be installed.

2. Control, inspection and overhaul of all mechanical equipment and components of the crane: 2.1. Overhaul of the crane rail track; 2.2. Control and overhaul of speed-reducers, gearwheels, bearings, shafts, bushes of all crane devices. Change of lubricants; 2.3. Manufacturing and installation of particular metal constructions of the crane (a new travelling beam for the 10 t hoist, service platform, ladders);

3. Painting of the crane metal constructions surface, approx 1460 m2. 4. Testing and commissioning of the crane. 5. Preparation and submission of the technical executive documentation to the client.

The total project implementation time – 8 months.