Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Keble’s Trading is an industrial and construction equipment and materials distributor, which provides wire rope, rigging, chains, hoists, materials handling, lifting equipment, glass and wire balustrade, handrails and stainless-steel fittings.

Among the new piece of equipment's features are its ability to accelerate smoothly, lift and lower with greater gentleness, and incorporate a cushioning system for smooth descents. Load bouncing, vibrations, and swinging are virtually eliminated, allowing hoisting operations to be optimized and difficult or expensive loads to be delivered with greater precision and ease.

The EQ inverter can detect a material weight excess through its sensitive electronic overload limiter, which then ceases functioning to avoid overload issues. Its 'light load, high speed' function maximizes productivity by increasing the EQ by 130% when the load is at or below 30% of its maximum capacity.

Since the Kito Electric Chain Hoist EQ is designed without a brake coil, a break rectifier or a brake relay, there is no chance of a brake release and simultaneous motor failure.

The EQ hoist also comes with a cooling fan that cools the motor brake and the brake resistor within the mechanism, resulting in longer life and reduced maintenance costs and mechanical downtime.