Delivery Period : From 29 November 2006 Through 8 December 2006 (5) Delivery place : as in the tender documentations.

(6) Qualification for participating in the tendering procedures : none of the following items pertain to the prospective participant. (A1) persons against whom a judgment of incompetency or quasi-incompetency has been made. (A2) persons who have declared bankruptcy and are unable to be reinstated. (A3) persons who, in the performance of their contracts, manufactured products in bad faith, were crude in carrying out service, or were responsible for dishonest conduct in connection with product quality or quantity. (A4) persons who have wrongfully allied themselves for the purpose of forcing the bid up or down. (A5) persons who have obstructed bid participation, or completion or performance of a contract. (A6) persons who have obstructed inspection or supervision conducted by the members of this company. (A7) persons whose conduct has been wrongful or dishonest, who have caused an accident because of such conduct, or who otherwise lack honor and sincerity in their conduct. (A8) persons who are presently in dispute with the company without justifiable cause. (A9) persons who are presently delaying the discharge of their contractual duties. (B0) persons who have had an unsatisfactory achievement record in the past. (B1) persons who have failed without justifiable cause to discharge their contracts. (B2) persons who have made false declaration in connection with bidding competition procedures or contractual performance. (B3) persons who use anyone falling into any of the above categories as their representative at the bidding competition or as a representative, manager or other employee at the time of entering into a contract.

Deadline: 29 May 2006

Contact: Purchasing & Stores Div., Finance Dept., Tokyo Branch Office, East Japan Railway Company. 2-20-68 Higashi-Tabata, Kita-Ku, Tokyo, 114-8550, Japan. Tel +81 03-5692-6066. Responsible person: Makoto Takahashi, Director, Finance Dept.