The event targets professionals working with overhead cranes, hoists and rigging equipment in onshore, offshore and marine applications. The event keynote will be given by Tan Kee Chong, Singapore Ministry of Manpower. It is organised by Bridger Howes, a media consultancy founded by former Hoist and Cranes Today group editor Richard Howes and group sales manager Mark Bridger,

Day One features a presentation from Mick Hoyle, the crane, rigging and lifting specialist at ExxonMobile, who will share a Safety by Distance concept with delegates, explaining how it is based on an ideology that people should always be protected first, not assets.


Simon Chan, managing director of Stahl CraneSystems’ Singapore subsidiary, and Hermann Zink, director of international projects, will discuss working with EPCs. Dr Phil Cutter, business development manager at Scotload will also speak. Other highlights include Bridon

International examining how international standards are moving from a product base to an emphasis on safety while Daniel Hall, technical director of CEA Engineering Consult Co will discuss the suitability of specialised lifting equipment on the effectiveness of the industry to progress with technological developments. The day concludes with a presentation from MHE-Demag Malaysia, before a cocktail reception hosted by Konecranes will facilitate further networking.


Day Two opens with a workshop tailored for a conference attendees, featuring Richard Marcotte, trainer at Industrial Training International who will share 10 years of experience working with lifting equipment in oil refinery construction, steel manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, power generation and other industries.

Attendees of the event will also learn about the LEEA Academy and TEAM Card initiatives. Holders of the latter can benefit from a new website that offers rapid online verification of anyone with the TEAM Card.

This is a registration and identity scheme for workers qualified to test, examine and maintain overhead lifting equipment.

The user enters the TEAM Card’s unique serial number and company name into an online tool at www.leeaint. com with employers now be able to view a digital copy of the card itself, along with the holder’s LEEA diploma qualifications and relevant work experience. The employer can therefore confirm the authenticity of the card and the holder’s skills and expertise, or identify any attempts at fraud and deception.

"The TEAM Card is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for anyone intending to test, examine or maintain overhead lifting equipment.," LEEA explained.