According to the German Office for Foreign Trade, the Indian logistics market is experiencing annual growth rates of 20 to 30%. By 2015 the market is expected to reach a total sales volume of EUR140bn.


Due to India’s deficient infrastructure, logistics costs are very high in comparison with other countries, accounting for between 12 and 14% of the country’s gross domestic product. In recent years, Indian managers have become much more aware of the importance of having a highly functional logistics system for entrepreneurial competitiveness.

Wolfgang Lenarz, senior vice president at Deutsche Messe, says: “We plan to continually expand [the show] due to the considerable potential which the Indian logistics market holds for our exhibitors.”

The event will run concurrently with several other events in Bangalore, namely Industrial Automation India (the international trade fare for process and production automation and industrial building automation) and MDA India (the international trade fare for motion, drive and automation).