Hydro-Amenagement is a state-owned Algerian company specialising in the construction of dams, and systems for conveying water and purifying waste water.

The company was set up in 1981 and recently renovated its production plant for 2m-diameter reinforced concrete pipes, used for transporting water. The plant operated SWS gantry cranes that had been used for more than 30 years in an open-air environment, and so needed to be replaced to help reduce the downtime caused by the old equipment.

The gantry cranes, which are mobilised for long travel and run on rails, handle concrete pipe moulding framework, as well as loading the formwork after drying and dismantling. A 32t-capacity system capable of operating up to a height of 17m was required to handle heavy but fragile manipulated loads.

Orem, Verlinde’s integrator in Algeria, kept the basic structures, including the overhead girders and end carriages, which were all still in good condition.

Five gantry cranes were renovated with new Eurobloc VT4 electric hoists, along with electricity supply cables, radio control systems, switch cabinets and cable reels.

The Verlinde hoists are fitted with hooks with safety latches, to enable safe vertical or horizontal travel for loads of up to 80t, and for heights of lift from 6m–98m.

To fit the narrow, 155mm-wide runway on the existing gantry cranes, Verlinde proposed a bespoke trolley with 16 rollers, to distribute load stress evenly.

Inside the facility the production lines were also renovated, with two overhead cranes replaced. As with the outside cranes, the end carriages and girders were kept, while Verlinde Eurobloc VT3 HPR class M6 hoists were installed, providing lifting capacity of 7.5t at a height of 10m, across a 20m span