According to the US Patent and Trademark Office: “The supportive frame comprises a horizontal member and a vertical member that are pivotally attached to one another at one end. The horizontal member has a first horizontal stability bar attached thereto and a flexible strap which depends from a free end of the horizontal member.”

An abstract of the invention, released by the Patent Office, said: “The vertical member has a winch support affixed to it and a second horizontal stability bar attached to a free end of the vertical member. The winch is secured to the winch support.”

It added: “The inverted L-shaped supportive frame can embrace a corner of the power supply cabinet, such that the horizontal member corresponds with a top surface of the cabinet while the vertical member corresponds with an adjacent side surface. The winch system can be folded into a compact, portable structure.”

The inventor was issued US Patent Number 7,226,040 on June 5 2007.

The patent has been assigned to Time Warner Cable Inc., Stamford, Connecticut.

The original application was filed on August 22 2005.