Companies operating in both markets frequently invest major sums in the latest capital equipment in a bid to improve their operation and, in turn, produce a superior end product.

Equally, for firms in these sectors, the fruits of their labour is often taken for granted by the general public. Just as a new bottle design on a shop shelf could be the culmination of several years design and production work, the construction, repair and maintenance projects carried out by cranes in factories will rarely enter the public consciousness.

Therefore, it has been an enlightening experience editing my first issue of Hoist. In this edition, we cover an array of themes that will give you an insight into some of the fantastic work being carried out by manufacturers, suppiers, and their customers across the globe.

We focus on steel, a basic industry at the heart of modern civilisation and production of consumer goods, cars, ships and trains, high-rise buildings and bridges in steel frame or reinforced concrete. There is also a lot of lifting to do around steel furnaces, forges and foundries, demanding multiple lifts to move heavy and sometimes red hot loads. For many hoist and cranemakers therefore it is an important, if demanding, market.

The spotlight is also placed on South America, a market that has traditionally presented an array of exciting opportunities for overhead crane and hoist manufacturers.

Significant investments across large parts of the continent have enabled manufacturers and suppliers to play key roles in various industrial construction projects.

We also preview the ninth iteration of LiftEx, the UK’s leading lifting exhibition. This year the event takes place on the 14- 15th November at the USN Arena in Bolton. Exhibitor space has long since sold out and this year’s event is set to be the biggest yet.

The two-day event builds on a successful showing last year in Coventry, with more a wealth of informative and exciting content, such as the feature-rich Innovation Theatre and the LEEAorganised Technical Surgery awaiting visitors in 2013.

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Tim Sheahan, Deputy Editor