KCI Konecranes has developed a new range of wire rope hoists for the lower end of its product range. The wire rope hoists are based on a new design concept using a large diameter rope drum. Eleven patent applications have been filed for the new product, called CXT.

The commercial launch took place at the Hannover Fair in March.

The new hoists are intended for cranes and modernisations in capacities up to 3.2t. It is estimated that 60,000 units, close to 40% of all standard cranes and wire rope hoists, are lifting loads of less than 3t. This high volume market covers almost all fields of industry, from assembly shops to general manufacturing and from steel distribution centers to maintenance cranes. The value of the global markets for standard crane and wire rope hoists is more than $2bn, according to KCI Konecranes.

The new design uses a rope drum large in diameter but short in length. The large diameter rope drum is intended to produce less wear on wire ropes and lower maintenance costs. There are also several other claimed advantages, such as more efficient use of floor space under the crane, as well as the space around the crane. The crane can operate closer to walls and lift the load higher. This adds flexibility for factory layout and material flow planning, it is said.

KCI Konecranes has developed an integrated motor and inverter controls for the CXT product range. This is the first time stepless speed controls are incorporated as standard features in this capacity range, it is claimed.

The new CXT product range is part of KCI Konecranes’ standard lifting equipment business area.