Italian remote control manufacturer Autec launched its E16 radio remote control series at the Intermat exhibition of construction equipment in Paris, France in May.

Autec describes the new system as safe, easy to use and reliable. A dedicated safety circuit monitors system integrity to the relay outputs and prevents unintended crane motion, even under fault conditions.

Communication link security is provided by a pair of Autec coded electronic keys, one each in the transmitter and receiver. These keys are produced, supplied and replaced only in pairs so that each transmitter can only control its matching receiver.

High capacity NiMH (nickel metal-hydride) batteries are an option and increase operating time to 25 hours, up from 15 with the standard battery. Two batteries are supplied and there is both visual and audible status warning. Transmission frequency can be changed from the transmitter and components are arranged for easy access. Electronic parts are guaranteed for three years.