A new power station being built by Siemens in Dublin for the Irish Electricity Supply Board has been equipped with cranes supplied and installed by Josef Brunnhuber Maschinenfabrik of Germany.

In the gas turbine hall Brunnhuber installed a 60t overhead travelling crane with a 12m span which was used for installation of the power generating equipment. As well as the main hoist, there is an additional smaller hoist of 16t capacity.

In the steam turbine hall is a 240t-capacity, 22m span crane, which has a lifting speed of 1.15m/min and a 16t hoist with a 5m/min lifting speed. All crane functions are operated by HBC radio remote controls and the motors are thermostatically regulated.

Brunnhuber’s package also included additional 5t hoists and an electric monorail hoist system.