The construction of the clevis drop link and delta plate makes the product quite unique, the different size delta plates are suitable for various bottom shackles which can be installed in the same clevis drop link, making the product extremely flexible and compatible with a range of shackles. The design assembly is efficient, as the product is supplied in an assembled condition making it quick and easy to assemble on-site with two smaller size shackles replacing one large lower shackle which you would see in a standard spreader configuration. The flexibility enables variable angles on the bottom slings ranging from 0-45 degree STV.

“At Modulift, we are always challenging our capabilities and how far we can go in product innovation. Our customers are always at the forefront and this product is extremely efficient in compatibility, cost, flexibility and assembly & design. It’s tested and certified in accordance with DNV-ST-0378,” said Harshal Kulkarni, engineering manager, Modulift.

John Baker, commercial director, Modulift, added the company is continually looking for new ideas to complement its existing range of products and make rigging more efficient whilst maintaining safety.

“Feedback from site trials have confirmed the product is really easy to use and saves time rigging up especially when doing repetitive lifts. Our in-house engineering team has been working hard to ensure this product works across all of the Modulift spreader beam range. After a testing of 16 months, which has been tough for the whole of the lifting industry, things are definitely on the rise for Modulift especially within our bespoke design and manfacturing division and we’re excited to see what the rest of the year will bring.”