The crane will support a larger infrastructure at Marcor Stevedoring that handles approximately six million tons of loose, bagged and containerized bulk cargoes annually.

A lifting capacity of 104 tons and SmartGrip technology enables the LHM 800 to increase the handling rate as the system utilises the grab capacity in full.

LHM 800 fits into the strategic growth of the terminal’s expansion, with its focus on more sustainable operations by using more renewable energy and cleaner drive concepts. A second LHM 800 has also been ordered and will be delivered later this year.

The Hartel Terminal has a 130,000m² terminal and a 600-metre quay with a 16-metre draft alongside. It has vessel handling options from barges up to 120,000 DWT baby-cape vessels, both for board-to-board transhipments and discharge to/from the terminal.

The region is a major hub for the global dry bulk trade, handling commodities such as coal, iron ore, agribulk, and biomass.

Image Credit: Peter Van Geest

Contributing to a greener bulk industry, where no Diesel engine is needed, the LHM 800 will operate without generating additional local emissions. A boom length of 64 metres and eye-level height of 30.8 metres ensures the crane can load cargo between the quay and storage facilities.

The crane, used for handling dry bulk commodities, will increase the throughput and efficiency of the terminal, which is expected to reach 10 million tons per year by 2025.

Growth in green infrastructure also requires growth in logistics. Marcor operates primarily in the discharge, loading, storage, and treatment of dry bulk commodities. Ship-to-ship operations are also part of its services.

The floating terminal in Rotterdam is supported by an expansion of the dry bulk terminal at the Hartel Terminal.

This expansion has required redevelopment and construction of new and high-end storage facilities. Sustainable and efficient storage and stevedoring operations are being phased in at the site.

“With the LHM 800, we have gained a competitive edge in the dry bulk market,” said Danny Swart, director, Marcor Stevedoring. “It is a versatile and powerful machine that can handle any type of cargo, from ore to grains and fertilizers. It also reduces our fuel consumption and emissions, which is in line with our sustainability goals.”

It also relies on Liebherr’s SmartGrip technology, which optimises the grab angle and adapts to the bulk material without having to change the grab.