A raft of new products from Mannesmann Dematic includes a range of geared motors with built-in inverter control, a range of compact wheelblocks and a conductor system with built-in temperature expansion compensation.

For all products Mannesmann Dematic stresses ease of installation as a key advantage.

Indrive motors, the new variable speed geared motor family, are available in sizes from 0.25kW to 5.2kW and have a 380V to 500V supply range at 50kHz to 60kHz. The company says that less cabling is required and less system tuning is needed on site.

“The simple configuration procedure can be performed via a laptop PC without any specialist expertise,” it is claimed. And, with the inverter built into the motor, there are fewer screened cables, which minimises EMC considerations.

The new wheelblocks, branded DRS, are designed to complement the geared motors and are available in capacities from 2,750kg to 40,000kg. A range of formats facilitates use with an array of travel rail types. The Dacrometised paint finish enables them to be used outdoors or in harsh environments. To ease specification, a CD-Rom support tool is available, which also provides Autocad files for drawings as well as operating and installation instructions.

The new DCL conductor system houses between five and seven copper conductors in a PVC enclosure. Rated at 60 amps to 200 amps, both power and data transmission are supported. Each joint in the DCL system has temperature expansion compensation fitted as standard and also a protective cover to prevent accidental contact with the conductors. For installation, sections 4m long are slotted together and secured with a screw and locking nut.