Included in their products portfolio will be the new ‘Worlds First’ Digital Pad Eye Tester, with both the 10 ton and 30 ton versions on display.

The LMS Digital Pad Eye Tester has all of the basic functionality of a standard Pad Eye Tester, it also has additional features and functionality including: Light-weight Aluminium body, onboard Digital Display with unit of measure selection for metric tons, US tons, Lbs , Kgs , a Peak Hold facility , Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity and Data Logging.

Using traditional Pad Eye Testers it is necessary to manually calculate the test results, with the LMS Digital system the test results are automatically captured on the onboard digital display, with the ability to select Peak Hold or the option to send the data to a laptop, mobile phone of tablet. This user-friendly operation eliminates the need for manual calculations, reducing the risk with human error whilst also improving efficiency and safety.

"The UK market continues to be challenging due to the ongoing volatile global economy, in general terms most companies are experiencing prices increases, similar to most manufactures who are experiencing significant price increases with supply of raw materials. The oil and gas sector has seen a notable improvement, mainly due to the resurgence of the Oil & Gas price," said Kirk Anderson, MD, LMS.