When Hawker Siddely Power Transformers of the UK needed a 12m span, 10t overhead crane moving quickly from one bay to another to meet a new order, it turned to Lifting Gear Hire (LGH) which was already on a contract to service Hawker Siddely’s 39 overhead cranes.

While other bidders for the job quoted a two-week turnaround, LGH had the operation planned in 48 hours and completed in five days.

Firstly, the multiple electrical supplies to the crane were disconnected and made safe. The man-riding control box was then disconnected and removed from the crane, to be replaced by a remote control unit. Two LGH fitters climbed the crane to remove the crab unit. The awkward and uneven weight distribution of the crab unit, which comprises the engine, gearing and transmission system, hampered this operation. Using a 25t all-terrain crane, the team lowered the 6.5t crab unit to the floor, then began preparations for lifting the overhead crane itself.

The crane was repositioned to a tolerance of 8mm to ensure the runners were located correctly.