XpertAssist combines real-time expert advice from experienced technicians with a wide range of technical tools through an audio-visual connection. Immediate qualified fault analysis and online troubleshooting backed by step- by-step instructions mean assistance can be maximised and on-site attendances can be reduced to a minimum.

Any site attendances are made as efficient as possible through audio-video calls to predefine requirements and increase first time fix rate. A debriefing via audio-video conference call to explain the work done, or to address possible findings is part and parcel of the product. The mean time to repair is reduced by up to 50 %, and field service costs cut by up to 20 % per annum.

XpertAssist extends to predictive maintenance advice and reports on individual machines or entire fleets, for example, reports on safety or machine and engine utilisation. The interactive performance review and advice on preventive maintenance ensure high machine availability and early budget planning. Service technicians normally spend up to 45 % of their time just travelling to/from site – both time-consuming and costly for all parties.

Recent experience in the Middle East underlines the importance of quick and efficient technology when projects are thousands of kilometres away from base. “For our company, which has all operations and projects outside our home country of Turkey, such remote service is perfect,” said Levent Ekmekçioglu, manager, REM engineering, construction and trade co.

“Assistance was provided by Liebherr remotely in Jordan with no travel or accommodation costs and no time delays. The issue was solved immediately to our utmost satisfaction and we are very grateful for this extended assistance.”

XpertAssist is an annual subscription, available for each individual machine or for entire fleets. As an option, Liebherr offers a ready-to-use pre-installed tablet (LiTAB) enabling digital machine documentation and easy process data download.