LEEA was represented by Andrew Wright, deputy chief executive officer; and Robert Wilson, head of member engagement services.

RSS arranged for The Crosby Group’s Rig Safe Rig Smart European Trailer to be parked for two days at HS2’s Atlas Road site, where piling works were recently completed to build the tunnel launch box and ramp that will allow for construction of a logistics tunnel using a tunnel boring machine (TBM).

Phase one of HS2 will see a new high speed railway line constructed from Euston to north of Birmingham, where it will re-join the existing West Coast Mainline. Cranes, hoists, and other lifting gear are integral to the long-term project.

The truck is fully equipped with a fleet of lifting and rigging products. On board is a 500kg capacity electric crane, which allows the trainer to demonstrate the effect of using slings at angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees from the vertical, recording the increased loads on load cells. A 15t capacity vertical test bed was used to show the differences in deformation characteristics of fully certified Crosby hooks and alternatives. Compression cells that can calculate the centre of gravity of loads; two workbenches set up for vertical lifting clamp training; and a selection of other products that allow end users to gain hands-on experience with the product range, complete the showcase.

In addition to the LEEA contingent, RSS was represented by Sean Maslen and Tony Teeder, both directors; Graham Dawson, depot manager; and Chris Wallis, appointed person. From Crosby, Ashley Hall, sales manager—UK South and Faroe Islands; and Steven Pratt General Manager – UK & Europe at Verton (part of the Crosby Group), participated. Also present were Roger Lawn and Tom Hancock, both Unitex Group; Jamie Woodcock and Harvey Avery, both Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd. (DLM); Anthony Stevenson and Nicola Scott, both Worlifts; and Stuart Linnitt, Reid Lifting.

“The truck is a great concept and allows us to take toolbox training direct to the point of use. HS2 is keen to promote knowledge sharing and this site experience aligned perfectly with that ethos; we staged short sessions and engaged with end users who walked up to the vehicle, which unfolds like a temporary exhibition stand. LEEA is the highest authority in the land—anybody procuring lifting gear should be doing so from full members—and having them onsite with us authenticated the experience even more,” said Maslen.

“The presence of the truck chimed with ongoing efforts to promote sharing of information for continued improvement of best practices. Commanding the respect of major projects, like HS2, involves more than selling lifting, rigging, and material handling hardware. LEEA, Crosby, RSS, and their representatives combined here to deliver expertise that is only available from the leading, most authoritative stakeholders in the industry.”