JD Neuhaus has added an integrated lubricating system to its air powered hoists. The German manufacturer now puts high performance grease into cylindrical chambers situated between the slots for the vanes on the main rotor body of its Profi TI and EH monorail series hoists. When the rotor spins, small quantities of grease permeate into the motor chamber.

At higher loadings, air hoists need lubricating to prevent excessive motor wear. JDN recognises, however, that not all hoist owners are as diligent as they should be at maintaining their equipment properly. Having self-greasing rotors safeguards the motor in the hoist unit in the event of customers failing to look after them.

This development is intended as a back-up to conventional lubrication feed lines, not an alternative, and customers are still advised to lubricate their hoists in the usual way The supply of grease will last for 100 hours of operation, according to JDN. When it runs dry, refills can be installed.