A new joystick radio control system from Jay Électronique is designed to be adaptable to suit a wide range of applications including industrial cranes and lifting equipment, construction cranes and machinery.

Called the UM series, it comes with various control options and function variations. The number of joysticks can be between two and five and these are either proportional or stepped for between one and six speeds. Controls for auxiliary functions can include, for example, momentary push buttons and selectors with up to three fixed positions and/or with automatic return.

Output options include 16, 24 or 32 relays and two, four or six analogue outputs. Running time has been extended and the battery is a plug-in type, designed to be quick and simple to replace. A trained operator can change the radio frequency and choose from 69 different ones in the 433MHz band.

Ergonomics are an important part of the design of the UM series to improve operator comfort and ensure safer operation, the French manufacturer asserts.

Functions are identified by pictograms and the buttons and joysticks are mechanically shielded to prevent inadvertent operation.