Regular in-depth patent articles in the printed publication have proved a popular addition to Hoist – and the new online patents news service will become a vital source of information for anyone in the industry wanting to keep up to date with the latest technological developments.

Hoist editor Richard Howes said: “I’m delighted to team up with the Targeted News Service team in the States to bring this unique service to the industry. Some 31% of our readers are US-based and the launch of this facility represents our ongoing commitment to provide an unrivaled news service in that – and every – part of the world.” defines a patent as a set of exclusive rights granted by a state to a patentee (the inventor or assignee) for a fixed period of time in exchange for the regulated, public disclosure of certain details of a device, method, process or composition of matter (known as an invention) which is new, inventive, and useful or industrially applicable.

It adds: “The exclusive right granted to a patentee in most countries is the right to prevent or exclude others from making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing the claimed invention.”