Productivity and effectiveness are inevitably high on the list of requirements for any customer looking to invest in new rigging and hoist equipment. Safety, of course, is also at the forefront of the agenda. We look at the some of the latest developments in this part of the material lifting sector and benefits they offer the end user.

Columbus McKinnon
The manufacturer has recently added new variable frequency drives and spark-resistant options to its Yale Global King and Shaw-BoxWorld Series electric wire rope hoists. According to Columbus McKinnon the hoists benefit from variable frequency drives that enable greater speed adjustment, improved load control and higher duty cycles.

These hoists also arrive equipped with numerous safety features that include overload and over-speed protection in addition to on-thespot safety readouts for instant troubleshooting.

The manufacturer’s variable frequency drives options are available on monorail, top-running double girder and its deck-mounted Global King andWorld Series hoists.

In addition, Columbus McKinnon’s explosion-proof Global King and World Series hoists can now be specified with spark-resistant options, which offer added safety and protection in environments where flammable gases and liquids are present.

Central to these upgrades are bronze sheaves, bronze trolley wheels, copper-plated or bronze load hook, and drop stops with rubber bumpers.

As RUD points out, manufacturing companies are often unaware that the direction of the pull can have a major impact on the working load limit of the standard eyebolt, which can in turn, create a safety breach.

According to RUD, the solution is to use an appropriate lifting point that can adjust to the direction of the pull, allowing full engagement of the bolt, which results in a safe lift. To combat this, RUD has manufactured lifting points that are claimed to adjust to the direction of the pull.

One of these is RUD Starpoint VRS, which will swivel to the direction of the load lift. As a result, the working load limit is therefore always at the direction of the load.

The Starpoint removes the chance of bent eyes, backed out threads, or over-tightening and arrives with a florescent pink powder coating that changes colour when the temperature exceeds over 200°C. If the product reaches temperatures up to 400°C, this colour changes to a deep black with small bubbles, which indicates that it has been over-heated.

Van Beest
Van Beest enjoyed a successful 2013, a period capped by taking home the accolade of ‘LEEA Most Innovative Product Award 2013’ at the recent LiftEx event for its P-5365 – Green Pin ROV Release Polar Shackles, with locking clamp product.

The P-5365 comes from Van Beest’s range of ROV shackles, which are suitable for subsea use and operation by a remote operated vehicle. According to the manufacturer, the Remote Operated Vehicle is fitted with a hydraulically controlled arm, which can safely release heavy equipment under water.

As a result, ROV lifting equipment is often brightly coloured or fluorescent to assist the operator in identifying the components in poor or artificial light under water. The shackle can have a certain design that can only release a load, only retrieve a load, or if required, can do both.

Its Green Pin ROV Release Polar Shackles, with locking clamp is used when multiple sling legs are used, or if there is a risk for side loads. Van Beest recommends a specially-designed locking clamp with a securing spring pin to be used. The locking clamp replaces the functionality of a standard nut.

Tway Lifting Products
The Indianapolis-based business has produced its first two-inch diameter wire rope sling that has an ultimate strength of 370,000 pounds.

Wire rope slings have long been used in manufacturing and construction to lift machinery and building products, as well as in steel mill operations. Tway manufactures wire rope slings, bridles and bridge crane ropes for construction companies, utilities, automotive and the steel industry.

Peter Hansen, president and CEO at Tway, tells Hoist: "Building a Wire Rope Products Plant in Indiana strengthened our position with the industrial sector in The Midwest and brings another manufactured product to the state.

"We routinely manufacture slings through 2" diameter and have the machinery to produce 3" if when needed. Our 24,000-foot plant houses warehousing operations, sling production with 4 swaging machines and proof load testing up to 220,000 pounds."

Among the major projects Tway has been involved in is the Cowboys Stadium in Texas, with the company supplying 11,000 feet of 1-1/2" galvanized wire rope for that project.

Red Rooster Industrial (UK)
The company went from strength-to-strength in 2013, expanding into the Midlands and Poland, as well increasing its range of hoists with the addition of its TCS-500 high-speed air hoist. This new configuration is pitched as a high-speed, low weight version of the company’s TCR- 250 hoist.

The single fall 500kg TCS-500 weighs less than 16 KG and has a closed height look of 410mm. According to the manufacturer, the hoist can lift at rates of 17m/min with a full load, a speed that increased to 43m/min when unloaded.

The addition of new speed adjustment screws enables the operator to independently adjust lifting and lowering speeds. In addition, the TCS hoist can be supplied as hook suspension or equally, built into the firm’s portfolio of push, pneumatic, or geared trolleys.

The TCS air hoist can be supplied with cord control or a shockproof polycarbonate pendant control, this features an infinitely variable speed control that is claimed to offer "superb control" for accurate positioning.

SWF Krantechnik
SWF Krantechnik’s electric chain hoist, ChainsterGT, features a preprogrammed integrated frequency hoist inverter, which is stored within the hoist casing. Infrastructure investment.

The hoist can be used at a range of speeds and when partial loads of less than 30% are handled, the hoist speed can be doubled. Equally, the hoist operator can adopt lower speeds when specific, precise load movements are required.

According to SWF Krantechnik, the ChainsterGT uses load summation, which calculates the remaining safe working period while overhead protection is also guaranteed both mechanically and electronically.

In addition, the new product is available with an upper hook as standard, which makes it suitable for loads up to 2,5000kg, while push trolleys and motor trolleys are optional extras.

J D Neuhaus
J D Neuhaus enjoys ongoing success in the field of manufacturing heavy-duty air operated handling equipment; it has also enjoyed market success with its two ranges of lower duty hoists that can handle payload ratings from 125kg up to 1,000kg.

The firm’s JDN Mini series comprises models that are available for payload ratings of 125, 250, 500 and 980kg. Each hoist is equipped with single top suspension hook that, when coupled with optional trolley mounting, can provide overhead rail suspension.

It also offers the JDN Profi TI series that cater for higher payloads up to 1,000kg, features single suspension hook mounting and optional trolley mounts.