Transport Development Group (TDG) has commissioned a 40t goliath container handling crane for its Intermodal Container Depot in Grangemouth, UK.

The 58m-long double girder crane will be supplied by Konecranes (UK) in joint venture with CGP Konecranes of France which developed the structural design.

The crane features Dyna invertor technology, with Dynac control on all travel motions. The systems can be monitored either by on-board units or via a modem link to remote sites.

To save energy and reduce running costs, the crane will be able to regenerate some of its own power and either use it for the crane drives or feed it back into the grid.

“The energy saving system isn’t new, but we have improved its performance since we first introduced it,” said Konecranes (UK) managing director Gordon Adie. “On this particular crane we are using parallel hoist invertors, where the second invertor is used to generate power back into the system.”