With his work experience of North, Central and South America, Fabio Fiorino has some of the broadest experience of the full extent of the Americas of anyone in the crane industry. As North America considers extending the Free Trade zone, Fiorino will remain at the forefront of the industry.

Born in Argentina, Fiorino’s family moved to Montreal when he was nine. After obtaining an engineering degree at McGill, he worked in the atomic energy industry, went back to McGill for an MBA, and then moved to Burlington, Ontario, where he first joined Crane Pro Services in marketing.

Three years later, he was appointed to a project to analyse the Central and South American market for opportunities.

When that finished up, he moved to the USA, to become president of R&M Material Handling.

Since then, he has been made president of controls manufacturer Drivecon and development director of KCI’s standard lifting equipment business.