Demag Cranes & Components, which pulled out of exhibiting at the Hannover Fair in April, has released details of two new products: a multi-purpose winch and a pneumatic rope balancer.

Demag says that the MPW multi-purpose winch is more compact and lighter than previous winches, resulting in lower cost crane girders and reduced expenditure on construction materials. MPW winches are hoist units made up from modular components and are suitable for a wide variety of applications, Demag says. The components can be combined in a number of different ways which makes the system more cost-effective.

A new drum bearing design, which sets the MPW apart from a conventional open winch, optimises the length and diameter of the drum and minimises maintenance needs, Demag claims.

The capacity range of the Demag MPW multi-purpose winch is higher than that of the former DW open winch. The SWL ranges from 5t to 170t and FEM classification is between M3 and M7. The MPW can be supplied with rope reeving components of 4/2, 8/2 or 12/2 depending on the load capacity.

The new pneumatic rope balancer can achieve lifting speeds of up to 60m/min.

A valve block facilitates variable speed control regardless of the switch position like a car’s accelerator. Due to the relatively long control path, the process can be monitored and the load moved reliably and carefully. Demag claims that, thanks to the control that compressed air offers, a stationary load can be moved with both hands within a range of ±1mm.

Using a small hand-held terminal, the user can adjust various parameters of the pneumatic rope balancer, such as load limitation and acceleration values and adapt the functions of the device to each workplace.

For safety reasons the balancer is designed in such a way that the load cannot drop in the event of a power failure and that the rope with the load handling accessory cannot move upwards too rapidly if the load falls off.