The award recognises software and technology providers that help create a safe, efficient and reliable global cold food and beverage supply chain.

Crown’s connected technology and forklift telematics ensures that forklifts perform as designed to, helping to enhance productivity and support safety standards.

Gathered telematics data can be used to gain a better understanding of how the fleet operates and to identify areas to improve for productivity and efficiency gains.

Connected maintenance features such as a proactive dispatch can help avoid unexpected downtime due to service and/or operator error issues.

The lift truck can issue a service request based on event codes without manual intervention. This enables the service provider to proactively alert the customer to the issue, offer potential solutions and schedule the service upon customer approval. This helps to increase uptime and improve productivity.

With access to maintenance history and service trends, forklift service calls are completed more efficiently.

“Systems like [Crown’s] InfoLink Operator and Fleet Management can enable technicians to be more connected to lift trucks than ever,” said Craig Bruns, Crown Equipment vice president of customer support.

“Technology and telematics have enabled forklift service to be more proactive. We don’t have to wait on the lift truck operator to tell their supervisor there is an issue – the truck does that for them.

“Connected technicians can be more efficient while in the field, helping increase uptime and maintain desired productivity levels.”