Foundry equipment manufacturer Morganite Crucible of the UK has had an innovative lifting solution designed and manufactured by Craven Associates.

Worcestershire-based Morganite Crucible manufactures clay graphite and silicon carbide crucibles for the melting and holding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. During the manufacturing press, crucibles stand on carbon trivets for firing in the furnace. Production of the trivets is via a die pressing process. The pressed trivets are inherently dirty and fragile, weighing up to 60kg, making it difficult for operators to unload the items from the press.

Morganite contracted Craven Associates to provide lifting equipment to meet the specific application. Conventional lifting methods were not suitable for the unloading process, as the trivet first needed to be moved horizontally from the press, before lifting to pallet on a scissor lift.

Craven’s solution comprises various moving technologies. The lifting equipment is based on a hydraulic telescopic post which permits lifting and lowering. A cranked knuckle jib, mounted on the post, provides for movement in the horizontal plane, with a vacuum fixture at the end of the outer arm.

The pressed trivet is offloaded by vacuum lifting the load, before withdrawing it from the press, via manual movement of the jib and lowering onto the pallet by the telescopic post. Control of all of the machine’s functions is through a hand held electric pendant.