Iñaki Ramirez, technical service manager of GH Cranes & Components, explains: "Based on GH’s broad experience, our technicians are working on strategic lines that will allow us to offer a ‘plus of competitiveness’ to our customers.

He says: "Currently, we are working on a web latform, called ‘Customer Portal, 100% Safe’ which allows the customer to visualize historical data of the equipment and/or facilities from one or several companies, both about its corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance and its information management, such as visualization of technical information.

"This platform enables interaction between our customers and GH Technical Service and data stored in our management system databases "The tool we are preparing would be composed of several interconnected sections or modules, which allow the user to execute and control the usual tasks of a maintenance department exhaustively."

According to the manufacturer, there are numerous management tools which this initiative will offer customers. These include: CMMS(Software for maintenance management in real time), FMEA (Failure mode and effect analysis), SWOT (Weaknesses and Strengths) in the customer’s facilities, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and visualization of critical malfunctions.

"All this developments will bring about the appearance of new apps for smartphones, computers or any other devices, which will give us information, control and the possibility for immediate action over any problem that our cranes might have 24 hours a day, 365 days a year," explains Ramirez.