The Vortex Advantage simulator is ideal for port terminals who are looking for quick-readiness training measures to adapt to volatile post-COVID economic conditions. Whereas 10-12% of all entry candidates become acceptable crane operators using the traditional manual approach, 25-30% become acceptable crane operators using the simulator method, simply due to the ability to screen and select candidates more effectively. 

“The Vortex Advantage simulator addresses a critical training challenge for port terminals in today’s environment,” said Julien Richer-Lanciault, senior product manager, CM Labs.  

“Our clients estimate the learning curve is 6-12 months faster, which has a large positive financial impact, easily representing hundreds of thousands of dollars.”  

Along with Mobile Harbor Crane (MHC) and Ship Pedestal Crane (SPC) training, the 5-display Vortex Advantage simulator can run a mobile crane operator training pack. Each is designed to help operators acquire critical skills, in a virtual environment that presents the realistic challenges as well as hazards. 

When the Vortex Advantage is paired with CM Labs’ Instructor operating station (IOS), trainers can help operators train for unexpected occurrences, including snag loads, and mechanical failures. They can also customize training exercises for both quayside and yardside operations. 

Operating metrics such as cycle time, spilled material, collisions, and safety violations are all tracked by the IOS during training exercises, and rolled up into a single score that updates in real time, to provide an objective indication of trainee aptitude.  

In addition to the Vortex Advantage simulator, CM Labs provides a desktop training simulator for terminals looking for a more portable solution. This simulator also pairs with the Instructor Operating Station, and can run CM Labs’ entire fleet of simulations.