North-Texas, USA-based crane builder and service company OMi had only six days to modernise a 10 US-ton holding and closing cement handling bucket crane.

It took twelve technicians and a project manager working two shifts, 24 hours a day, to modernise this clinker crane in the Midwestern USA.

The technicians removed the motors and gearing for the hoist, and trolley and bridge drive motors and brake assemblies.

They installed new hoist drums, gearing, bearings and motors for the bucket holding and closing hoists. They installed a new trolley drive motor and brake assembly. They also installed new bridge drive motor/reducer/brake assemblies at both end-trucks, replacing a central drive mechanism.

They replaced the contactor and resistor-based AC wound rotor magnetic controls with AC variable frequency drives. Flux vector technology was used on the holding and closing hoist motions, and scaler drives were used on the traversing motions.

The technicians stripped off all of the old controls and central drive machinery from the main walkway to make room for a new air-conditioned machine house. The new cab was installed below.

They finished the job with 24 hours to spare.