Bushman Equipment has produced a modified version of its model M2038 motorised, rotating grab for an assembly plant in Milwaukee. USA.

The Falk Corporation makes industrial-mechanical power transmission components and needed a system that could lift and simultaneously rotate a family of machined gear housings to allow assemblers to access the top and bottom of the housing while it is suspended from a grab.

Local Bushman representatives from John Maye Associates, working with Falk’s own engineers, came up with a way of adapting an M2038 grab to provide an effective solution. Bushman says that special application requirements are “a routine request”.

Falk’s grab is designed to grip the outside of the gear case and rotate its horizontal axis 90°. A self-locking acme screw shaft, actuated by a motor, provides the gripping strength. In addition, a set of specially designed sliding incline planes automatically increases the gripping force based on the weight of the load being lifted. A reducer, with an adjustable torque limiter, protects the motor. The bail is adjusted using an acme screw assembly to accommodate a variety of different gear case models and differing centres of gravity. Two self-locking worm gear reducers, driven by electric motors, enable the rotation process. This design allows the customer to position the gear cases, thus eliminating product damage and improving the assembly process.