Bridon American has launched an internet based crane wire rope selector called the Twistometer. The service is being offered to Bridon American distributors as part of their distributor support programme. Users can input criteria on their crane rigging and lifting requirements and the program will do the rest by recommending wire ropes based on the information provided.

In addition to the actual rope recommendation, the Twistometer also offers in-depth data via a printed report which can be shared with the distributor’s customers. The data includes critical heights of lift (maximum length of fall between cabling) and displacement (number of degrees displaced at a particular length of fall). Bridon Group’s research and development team which calculates the torque and turn of wire ropes provides much of the Twistcheck information used in Twistometer.

Bridon American’s marketing services manager, Gary Rogers, said: “Twistometer provides our distributors with an incredible advantage when specifying our ropes because it not only places the most current and accurate information available at their fingertips, but it also makes the entire wire rope selection process less tedious and less time consuming.”