LTM is a UK-based lifting equipment and lifting solutions provider. It was acquired in 2018 by its electric chain hoist supplier, Swiss firm GIS AG. Recently, it has seen cleanroom equipment customers increasingly demand bespoke hoists, custom-controlled hoist systems, and corrosion-resistant systems for ATEX atmospheres.

“We are being asked by clients to combine specialist hoists, for example a customer recently required a hoist for a cheese factory, which needed to be extremely lightweight, and which the customer would be working right next to,” says LTM marketing coordinator Alison Marshall. “We always try and go above and beyond for our customers, so we provided a custom solution. They needed a Handy hoist for a food grade application; this wasn’t in our standard range, but our engineers made one by combining a food grade GPR hoist with Handy controls, which allows the control of the electric chain hoist and guidance of the load with one hand. We also had a recent project for a GPR foodgrade hoist for an ATEX application. Very few companies can do this, and LTM are getting a good reputation for being able to achieve this, so hopefully there will be lots more business to come.”

The GPR hoist, manufactured by GIS, was launched recently to replace the GCHR hoist. The GPR is made of cast aluminium with a special corrosion-resistant KTL coating and stainless steel components, says Marshall, and is suited for applications in food or pharmaceutical production, washdown, and environmentally-controlled and harsh corrosive processing environments. It’s available in standard capacities up to 1.25t. The GPR food grade chain hoist, meanwhile, features a highly-sealed gearbox, IP65 bearings and covers, food grade lubrication, and stainless steel hooks, chain and a special electrophoresis KTL/ ATL-plated hoist body.

Chain lubrication operates to the CALOR USDA H1 standard, says Marshall: “This is resistant to water washout, and ensures excellent lubrication for machinery over a wide range of operating temperatures of -20 to 150°C. This lubrication is a semi-fluid grease suitable for use in food applications where the risk of food contact exists.”

Also available from LTM is the Planeta series of manual hoisting equipment, with a new stainless steel range suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications, or when operating in environmentally-controlled, harsh corrosive processing applications, and for use in marine applications. The stainless steel Planeta range includes the hand chain block, geared trolley and push trolley, all available in capacities from 0.5t–3t.