Allied Power Products Inc, based in Beaverton, Oregon in the USA, has introduced a new range of pneumatic winches and hoists. under its Columbia brand name.

The winches and hoists feature vane motors, enclosed watertight components, automatic braking systems, free spooling winch drums and a permanently lubricated three-stage planetary gear train.

The winches have line pulls from 2,000lbs (907kg) to 10,000lbs (4.5t), rated for pulling on slopes up to 30%. The hoists have line pulls ranging from 2,000lbs to 5,000lbs (2.25t).

Options available include:

• directional control valves

• cable tension plates

• four-roller fairleads

• quick-mount brackets

• special drum sizes

• grooved drums

• divided drums

• double-drum traction drive systems

• wire rope, sheaves, snatch blocks and other rigging.

Allied Power Products also manufactures a range of accessories such as grabs, grapples, tongs and clamps.