The application software meets all existing control concepts for handling relay logic in retrofit installations. Magnets with a nominal voltage of 110V or 220V can be supplied from a 400V AC network.

Crane productivity is improved by flux forcing. To ensure the magnetic field forms rapidly, the input voltage or current can be increased during the build-up phase. This can reduce ramp-up time by as much as 80%. As the magnetic field grows stronger, the converter output is reduced. Any residual magnetism after switch-off can be eliminated by reversing the magnetic field.

Stacks of parallel iron metal sheets can be released sheet by sheet using soft reduction of the magnetic force. This is achieved by reducing the converter output gradually, a major advantage compared to diode magnet supplies.

If the mains power supply fails, continued power is guaranteed via a battery back-up system thereby preventing injury and costly damage due to falling material. The battery can be charged by the converter.

The detachable control panel can be used to control the converter, set parameter values or copy parameters from one unit to another. Macros cover the most frequently used parameter settings and assistance screens guide the user during commissioning and auto-tuning.

A built-in fieldbus interface enables remote diagnostics, monitoring, control and connectivity to PLC. It also simplifies the installation, substituting the large amount of conventional control cabling with a single twisted pair, reducing costs and increasing system reliability. A wide range of fieldbus gateways is available, making the choice of converter independent from the make of automation system.

Available fieldbus adapters include PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, ControlNet, Modbus and Ethernet. The DCS800 also provides support for communication between converters.

The user interface is the same as in ABB’s AC drives. This simplifies the operation of cranes that use DCS800 converters for magnetic lift and ABB AC drives or ABB DC drives for the crane movement. As ABB’s AC drives and DC converters share the same control interfaces, monitoring facilities and maintenance equipment, less training and support is needed.

Magnet-specific functions are adapted using the DCS800 ControlBuilder, based on the CoDeSys development environment (IEC 61131) for programming controller applications, featuring an intuitive Windows-based user interface. A set of converter-specific function blocks further simplifies programming.

The DCS800 converter for electromagnetic lift and motion drives (for example, hoist drives) is available from 20A to 5200A, for network voltages between 230V and 1,200V.